Just another post on the iPad…..


Having just watched the full Apple briefing session on the iPad I am another blogger posting on the topic today.

For me, I was impressed by the size of the product and the touch technology continues to be a clear advantage for Apple.  However, I am a disappointed consumer with this device.  My expectations were clearly set too high!  I was expecting something revolutionary, instead we got something evolutionary.

It has all the clean and crisp Apple design features and interface technology.  The addition of iWork is clearly trying to place the unit in the usable laptop category whilst the usage of the iPhone operating system is to make it a simple and easy to use mobile device.

For me, what is lacks seem to exceed what it brings to the table(t) (although, don’t be surprised to see me holding one sometime in the middle of the year!)  Like everyone the lack of a camera seems more of a production design (and perhaps income generating) than a logical decision.  I also was wanting, and hoping this device would be a corporate device.  For that to occur, it needs some form of note taking capability (a stylus, or more revolutionary, some form a touch process for writing).

Today I was highlighting to a number of people that is seems absolutely unbelievable than in 2010 we still take printed documents into meetings and share information by printing it out and handing them out.  Surely it is time for us to move to electronic tablets and wireless sharing of documents in meetings, and real time collaboration on these documents.

The technology is there, perhaps the only things that stops it is the commercial design to develop such devices.


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