Google, Dreaming lead to ancient crater


Google, Dreaming lead to ancient crater.

AN ABORIGINAL Dreaming story about a star crashing to earth with a noise like thunder has led to the discovery of an ancient meteorite crater in central Australia.

A Sydney astronomer, Duane Hamacher, found the bowl-shaped crater in Palm Valley, about 130 kilometres south-west of Alice Springs, by searching on Google Earth.

This is but another example of how the new technologies and the old stories can coincide with each other and actually generate scientific discoveries.

We all can get trapped in the world of seeing technology as a new “evil” that has destroyed the past.  But is it not better to accept that both can be maintained side-by-side and even compliment each other.

Think of all the old classic movies you can now watch through electronic redistribution, the old albums, the stories that can now be shared to a wider audience and the family albums that are now shared online.

This story of the finding of a crater through the usage of Google Earth and a Dreaming Story is a great example of this positive merging.

I am sure there are many other examples out there to share.


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