enTourage eDGe™ – Another video and my views


I have had a number of days since my last posting on this device, the Entourage Edge, to talk about it with my counterparts in risk and people with an innovative mind.

Although I identified some weaknesses with the device the more information and videos I see on this device, the more I see it’s place in the corporate environment and in my hand!

Think about your day today at work.  How many meetings did you attend where you had printed out a document and then made notes or comments on the document?  For me it would represent almost the entire 8 hours of today in which I was in meetings.  Tonight I spent around 2 hours reading PDF documents for a risk committee meeting and right now I am looking at the notes I have written in the margins and on the pages to remind me of the question or comments I have.  Can someone please remind me that this is the year 2010 because I could swear it has to be the year 1995.  We just don’t seem to have evolved to where we should have evolved too.

So, for me we need to move to an environment where these devices are standard.  And let’s take it a step further.  The device automatically syncs with document management repositories so there is no need to manually transfer them, the comments in the document update the central document where required through hand writing recognition, and the centre-piece of what I would like – when you are in a meeting you can select a document on your device and hit a button to have it automatically appear on all the other devices in the room.  From here, you can then ensure everyone is reading the same document and even drive them to flip the page as you want them too.

Think about a world with this device and functionality.   Now let’s ask ourselves, will collaboration and information sharing improve?  I think the answer is “Yes”.

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