The new risk management professional is creative « Riskczar Corporation


The new risk management professional is creative « Riskczar Corporation.

Thought I would share with you an interesting “very short” post that I read through WordPress.

Here is the extract:  Rick Nason’s ideas about the new risk management professional. He explains how “the career in risk pendulum may have shifted and that mathematical skill may not be the competitive advantage it once was.” He continues “mathematical skill combined with creativity, artistic and humanistic skills are the portfolio of skills that are now necessary in risk management.”

Who would have ever thought you would hear the words “creativity”, “artistic” and “humanistic” next to the concept of risk.

I responded with the comment – This is exactly the theme I talk about to take the risk profession to the next evolution. Essentially we need to see the risk professional as a mash-up of quantitative methods, qualitative methods and judgement, innovation and revolutionary thinking. The professional has always been one of historical conservatism, so this is going to be a huge challenge for us all to embrace.

We are heading into truly exciting times in 2010 and beyond.