The e-Reader story of CES 2010 — Engadget


The e-Reader story of CES 2010 — Engadget.

Our friends from Engadget provide some of the best updates on new gadgets and gizmos and the current CES 2o10 is providing them with a plethora of content.

The topic of the hour is of course e-readers and Tablet PCs.

One major trend dominating CES 2010 is the massive uptick in manufacturers showing off e-reader devices, software and technology. Vendors of all sizes are here in Las Vegas introducing products they hope will capitalize on piqued consumer interest and the predicted growth in the e-book market in the year ahead.

What surprises me is how many comments state “I don’t know why these e-readers are getting so popular. Popularity of items is based on many factors, but first and foremost is there actually was a desire for people to move on from the past and most likely they did not even realise it.  They exact recipe for a great innovation! Very similar to the iPhone and the iPod.

Interestingly I recently read two very different articles in The Age (online) on this very topic which provide very different perspectives on this newest technology.

Opinion Number 1 – “The Convert”

Opinion Number 2 – “The Missing Magic”

An interesting fact about these two opinions in the one newspaper.  The first is located in the technology section whilst the second is in the Society & Culture section.

This is going to be a very philosophical argument for some people.  For me, it was simply a question of convenience, price and accepting change.