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The Immune System is Risk

The immune system is risk. Over the course of the last 3 years we have been exploring the innovation of risk from the perspective of moving risk management away from a traditional focus of frameworks and tools, and towards an embedded practice within businesses across the globe. With organisations continually striving for that 1% more and driving themselves to different…

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Risk Impact Spectrum

Risk impacts must include consideration of the risk impact spectrum. The current floods occurring in North Eastern Australia are a natural disaster, which is hard to predict and even harder to control.  However these events make us realise that the initial consideration of the impact at hand, may actually not be the only impact your are dealing with at the…

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black swan

Find those black swans, because they may find you first

We all need to find our black swans because they may find you first. The theory of the black swan dates back to 16th century London as a statement of impossibility.  Back in the 16th century there was an assumption that all swans must be white because all swans identified by the known world at that time were white.  Then…

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Top 5 risk management trends

Our top 5 risk management trends for 2012. 2012 has been a year filled with conspiracy theories about the end of the world, of a number of significant and public cyber crime events and a rocky economic year that continues to have a dark cloud hanging over the planet. We also started to learn more about the causes of global warming…

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Tomorrow Never Knows – The Risk Magazine

  Tomorrow Never Knows – The Magazine is a new addition to the Innovation of Risk’s collection of work on risk management. With an opening like this you know this magazine is designed to be informative and challenge the reader. “You read it here first. Risk has not evolved, instead it has regressed into a sad, pathetic beast that focuses…

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Monitoring risks, is a challenge for the ages

Monitoring risks, is a challenge for the ages!  To be successful we need to be clear on outcomes and simplify the process of monitoring. Oversight.  Assurance.  Audit.  Checking.  Testing.  There are many ways to articulate the activity of providing comfort to stakeholders on how effective your risks and controls are operating. But what does it all mean?  Why is it…

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