Passion and Inspiration for everyone in Risk



I am going to open todays post with a statement and then I will take you through why i made it!

“The most important aspect of every employee is passion and inspiration”

Every single person on this planet is different and unique. It is easy to forget this as we work every day to achieve our organisational goals. Leaders of an organisation know this about themslves, but then ask everyone to follow them, some even want everyone to be “mini me’s”! That never will encourage employees to be themselves for it is being themselves that will make a great organisation. It is the diversity of the individual that allows organisations to achieve greatness. Greatness for the organisation and greatness for the individual.

So, it is our goal as leaders of people, with a goal of achieving innovation, to provide everyone with the space to be passionate and achieve their individual inspirations!

If you are successful at this then innovation will just be an obvious outcome. No need to have innovation departments, or roles. People will just be inspired to innovate.

For me , I feel passionate about knowledge as the key to risk managemnt. Our role as risk managers is to bring information fom internal and external sources, into the line of sight of management and the business to enable them to make even better decisions.

Through this knowledge transfer, adding our holistic and risk focused view, we can then take on more complex and advantagous risk positions.

We will then add real value to the bottom line.

So, find your passion and inspiration. Hold it up and use it to achieve your goals!

The Innovation of Risk


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