Hacking online accounts is easy as abc123


Hacking online accounts is easy as abc123

Although I do not want this blog to turn into an analysis of individual risk categories or have a focus on financial services risk, I just could not resist sharing this article from The Age newspaper in Australia.

It is just almost impossible to believe that people think passwords are so unimportant as to make them so easy for others to guess or even just determine through getting a few facts about a person.

Do these people still leave keys to their house under the front doormat?  Actually, perhaps they just leave them in the door itself, or even better leave a message on Facebook telling  everyone they have left them in the door!

Your password is the key to your “financial” house.  Protect it and make it hard for someone to guess.   Don’t leave the keys to your house in the door!



  1. I absolutely second that. There are millions who trust sites like facebook with their personal information, do you think they would hesitate a single bit before giving their bank details readily?

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