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Another potential valuable electronic knowledge tool

Hello everyone I thought I would quickly share another electronic knowledge tool of potential. A very interesting take of the ilk of the Entourage Edge but more like two iPads. Kno Movie from Kno, Inc. on Vimeo. Over the last week I have been using a number of different devices being the Entourage Edge, the Kindle and now the iPad….

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The world is changing every second!

When you search the internet you sometimes find information that is not worth the few moments you waste passing your eyes over it, but then there are some gems. One of the blog sites I read quite often is Twigg Towers, which is a blog site of a fellow employee.  It was with great interest today that I therefore saw…

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Practical technology today for tommorow

Over the last few days I have continually spoken with excitement to people about the photo recognition technology offerred by Amazon through their iPhone app. The applications of this technology are diverse and you can see it improving the performance of so many activities that are currently performed through very manual intensive processes, not the least trying to read small…

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Amazon Tweaks Kindle Store Royalty Program Ahead of Apple Tablet Launch

Amazon Tweaks Kindle Store Royalty Program Ahead of Apple Tablet Launch – Mac Rumors. Not unexpected is a preemptive response from Amazon with all the rumours of an Apple Tablet.  Most likely a key learning from the experience of the mobile phone companies that did not even attempt to do any preemptive gestures prior to the highly anticipated iPhone. As…

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The Journey of the Tablet / e-reader

A couple of quick comments on probably one of the most talked about topics on the internet at the moment. Firstly, it is fascinating to read the numerous articles talking about how the author would never move to an e-reader as the touch, feel, smell and taste (!) of a book is not replaceable.  I am wondering if these same…

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The e-Reader story of CES 2010 — Engadget

The e-Reader story of CES 2010 — Engadget. Our friends from Engadget provide some of the best updates on new gadgets and gizmos and the current CES 2o10 is providing them with a plethora of content. The topic of the hour is of course e-readers and Tablet PCs. One major trend dominating CES 2010 is the massive uptick in manufacturers…

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