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The Three Lines of Defence

The three lines of defence (defense) model has its place in many organisations across the globe, but do we understand what it truly means? Over the past few decades there have been many examples of failures in organisations, both from a process perspective and a decision making perspective.  These range from organisationally specific examples such as Enron to the global…

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Scrum Development Schema

Agile Risk Management

Agile risk management is not about managing risk in agile projects but rather using the art of agile for what risk management performs. For the later there are quite a number of resources online to learn about risk management in agile projects, such as “Risk Management in Agile” by ScrumAlliance or the paper by Ville Ylimannela from Tampere University of Technology…

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Social Media Communication

Social Media and Risk Management

Social media and risk management are not typically connected in discussion. In actual fact, there are many risk professionals whom would see social media as a “waste of time” or “distracting people from their jobs”.  I personally have experienced this exact sentiment in my career in Risk Management. Of course, there are a group of people who see social media…

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11 risk management tips

11 Risk Management Tips for Leaders

Every day leaders and their teams face into challenges that involve risk. Yet, the concept of risk management is often presented in a complicated “framework” driven way. Quite simply, risk management is what we all do every day of our lives. So, in the interests of simplicity here are 11 risk management tips for leaders. The most important part of…

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The Immune System is Risk

The immune system is risk. Over the course of the last 3 years we have been exploring the innovation of risk from the perspective of moving risk management away from a traditional focus of frameworks and tools, and towards an embedded practice within businesses across the globe. With organisations continually striving for that 1% more and driving themselves to different…

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Best practice guidance for risk assessments

Risk managers across the globe are always looking for best practice guidance for risk assessments. The Innovation of Risk does not typically provide postings on risk management standards and guidance but in this case we felt that sharing the recently announced guidance note on the risk and control self-assessment process from the Risk Management Association (RMA) in Australia was worth highlighting….

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